18 July

4 skills every digital learning specialist needs in 2023

If you are considering a career in digital learning or if you already work in learning and development but is looking to upskill, we have listed four of the key skills that every digital learning specialist professional needs in 2023.

1. Managing Projects

Nearly every digital learning project involves several stakeholders. A typical project could involve an instructional designer, an eLearning developer, a subject matter expert, in addition to staff members in management and marketing getting involved in the signoff process.

A modern digital learning specialist needs to be able to define the project scope and manage timelines, individuals and setbacks to deliver the eLearning project on time and ready to launch.

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2. Data Analytics

Don’t be intimidated by the term ‘data analytics’! All LMS’s and learning platforms collect useful data (such as engagement data) on learners to varying degrees, while additional data can be found in an organisation’s other main systems (eg Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams).

Digital learning specialists today must be able to find the relevant data, interpret it and use that information to make decisions when designing learning experiences.

3. Instructional Design

The practice of designing, developing and delivering a digital learning experience. The instructional design also applies to more traditional training environments (such as the classroom), but there are some key differences when designing digital learning experiences.

A digital learning specialist needs to be know how to analyse the learners’ needs, and design and deliver an engaging, interactive and effective learning experience to help them learn what they need to know.

4. Awareness of Trends & Tools

Like all things digital-related, the world of digital learning moves quickly. While learning design principles may be relatively constant, it’s important to be proactive in learning about emerging trends and tools.

Whilst you never want to fall into the trap of the dreaded ‘tool-driven learning design approach’, keeping on top of new eLearning software can give you fresh ideas and more options when designing and developing your next digital learning experience.