10 October

Webinar highlights: Getting Started in Video-Based Learning

Last week we invited Niamh Guckian, the founder of Go Motion Academy to host an informative webinar on video for learning. It was a wide-ranging session which covered the topics of genre, structure, duration, composition and presentation, plus some handy tools when creating videos for the learning environment.

Here are some highlights from her presentation:

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Means the types of video you are creating. From a learning materials perspective, the most common are animated explainer, live-action tutorial, trainer in a live setting, a trainer with green screen, trainer and slides, and screen recording.


Having a structure helps you organise the content of the video. A common structure to follow is:

  • Intro: introduce the problem 
  • Point 1: one assumption on the topic
  • Point 2: the correction
  • Point 3: an extra bit of information 
  • Outro and/or Call to action


To convey the topic and pass on information to viewers, a learning video should have at least 2 minutes of duration, but as an average a duration of 5 minutes.


When talking about composition, it’s useful to get acquainted with the rule of thirds, where you divide your screen with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines and place the subject where they meet for a harmonic composition.

Niamh concluded her session by suggesting two tools to create videos for learning – Canva and Loom.

Niamh is a guest speaker on our Diploma programme.