25th April from 2.00-3:00pm (London time) /  9.00-10.00am (New York time)

Empowering Curriculum with AI: Insights, Case Studies, & a Step-by-Step Implementation Roadmap 

Join a select group of Higher and Further Education Practitioners for a one-hour session on AI driven educational innovation, designed specifically for those shaping the future of post-secondary education. Unlock the potential of AI to revolutionise your curriculum, from personalised learning paths to data-driven insights that enhance teaching effectiveness. This session will arm you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI technologies into your teaching strategies, fostering an adaptive, engaging, and impactful learning environment for students. 

What to expect

  • Curriculum Transformation: Discover how to infuse AI into your curriculum, enhancing learning outcomes and student engagement 

  • Ethical AI Use in Education: Explore the ethical dimensions of AI technology in educational settings, ensuring its responsible and beneficial use 

  • Inspiring Case Studies: Examine successful AI applications in education through real-world examples, gleaning practical strategies and insights 

  • Practical Implementation Guide: Receive a comprehensive roadmap for integrating AI into your educational practices, tailored for academic excellence 

About the speaker

  • Author of "Innovative Teaching with AI: Creative Approaches to Enhancing Learning in Education". 

  • Publisher of a renowned AI-focused newsletter on LinkedIn. 

  • Assistant Professor, leading two Masters Programmes in Project Management at UCD Smurfit Business School. 

  • Consultant for various companies and non-profits in project management and business communications.