21st May from 2.00-3:00pm (London time) /  9.00-10.00am (New York time)

Unlocking Success: Dive into the Latest Customer Education Trends of 2024! 

Join our exclusive masterclass as we explore the latest trends in Customer Education. From tackling crucial business challenges to the impact of AI on customer training, we'll reveal how industry leaders are setting new standards and reshaping training success for their clients in 2024. Don't miss this chance to gain valuable insights and actionable tactics to excel in the evolving field of customer education.

What to expect

  • Academies: Discover how the creation of client and partner academies is cultivating communities of product ambassadors and building growth for SAAS businesses.

  • The Influence of AI: Uncover the areas where AI tools are revolutionising Customer Education workflows and learn how companies are leveraging them for their benefit.

  • Mastering Metrics: Discover how blending training and product usage data reveals customer behaviour insights and identifies churn risks.

About the speaker

Simon Dunant boasts over 15 years of B2B expertise in creating online learning platforms and digital training content. With a track record at global giants like Google, Eventbrite, and Oxford University, he has consistently aided customer success teams in reducing churn and enhancing digital support.