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We understand the power and potential that can come from people working together, and we’re always looking to work with ambitious professionals who share our goals and values.

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Why Work with Us?

There is nothing humans love more than learning new skills. Evolving new ways to think. Expanding our minds, our hearts, our horizons.

We believe in finding new ways to empower others to realise their ambitions. We dig deep to find the strength to uncover new opportunities for our students.

We strive to set a world class standard and open it up to the world. Keep a curious mind, continuously improve and develop a lifelong learning ethos.  This is our invitation to you.

Our offer to you

We subscribe to a lifelong journey of continuous improvement and learning. We dare to revolutionise the next chapter in the history of humanity’s education. If that sounds like an exciting journey you’d like to be part of, we can offer you fulfilling work in an innovative, customer-first, ambitious environment. 

We thrive on innovation and curiosity, your views and expertise will be encouraged, you will have free access to all our digital learning courses to help you excel. We offer flexible working arrangements and an empathetic, empowering culture.

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