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Embark on a transformative journey with our AI for Learning Certificate. Harness AI to revolutionise your process, from designing to deploying digital learning experiences. Learn to use AI tools to support content creation, curation, instructional design, and accessibility. Future-proof your career with this globally recognised, industry-endorsed qualification.


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Work alongside your peers as you develop your skills and knowledge through a combination of self-paced content, live virtual sessions with expert tutors, collaboration with fellow students, and practical project work.


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Starts 12 Jul 24 – Ends 11 Sep 24

Cohort Based

Starts 20 Sep 24 – Ends 21 Nov 24

AI for Learning course content

This two-month part-time certification course equips you with the practical skills to seamlessly integrate AI into every stage of learning design and rollout. Gain hands-on experience with the AI tools that are setting new benchmarks in learning efficiency and build an AI for learning action plan for your practice.

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Deborah Zebina

Deborah Zebina

Instructional Systems Designer, Swingtech

"The certificate in AI for Learning has been incredibly resourceful. It has opened my eyes and gotten me excited about the capabilities of tools and how it can enhance learning. Now in my role I can suggest innovative solutions to my graphics department."

Demystify the fundamentals of artificial intelligence in the context of education and learning.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the core definitions and principles that anchor AI in the learning landscape

  • Explore various applications of AI in education and learningDiscuss ethical considerations

  • surrounding AI in educational and learning settings

Work-based learning project

Put your new skills into practice with a real-world project of your choosing

Work through a series of assignments and challenges that showcases your universal design skills, knowledge, and value. Browse these portfolio projects created by other students.

Jonathan Kaufmann

Jonathan Kaufmann

Global CS Safety and Claims Training Manager Airbnb

"I have some solid knowledge in AI, how it works, and the benefits and drawbacks, but the Certificate in AI for Learning is providing me exactly what I was looking for!"

project by Project by Tracey BanhamProject by Tracey Banham
project by Project by Jeremy WoodallProject by Jeremy Woodall
project by Project by Camilla PintusProject by Camilla Pintus
project by Project by Dr Maria Guijarro SanzProject by Dr Maria Guijarro Sanz

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I have truly enjoyed my journey with the Digital Learning Institute. It was amazing to meet new people and work with my peers

Melinda Markus author profile image

Melinda Markus

CPD Subscriber

Your fully supported learning journey

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We have tailored a best-in-class learning experience to help digital learning professionals reach their full potential. Guided and supported by leaders in the field, you will explore the very latest concepts and tools as you learn what it takes to create and roll out impactful learning.

Job-ready skills

Build your job-ready skills as you get hands-on with all forms of digital learning, including multimedia learning, video, podcasts, micro-learning, and social learning.

Expert course mentors

Your mentors and tutors are all leading experts in instructional design. They guide you through the learning experience and support your practical project work.

Build a professional portfolio

From day one, work on a real-world project where you can apply your new skills and knowledge while building a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities.

Live virtual classrooms and Q&A sessions

Live online classrooms give you the opportunity to connect with your tutor and fellow students for feedback, question and answer sessions, collaboration, and challenges.

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Ana Margarida Fonseca

Ana Margarida Fonseca

As an ESL teacher and PD trainer with a background in Learning Design, I've always sought to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Having recently completed an Elearning Masters and having read about AI, I approached the Certificate in AI for Learning with some theoretical foundation. However, this course has added layers to that foundation by offering practical insights and real-world applications of AI in course building and teaching. The examples provided were enlightening, showcasing the benefits and potential challenges of integrating AI into our learning environments.


Avril Weston-Bartholomew

The Certificate in AI for Learning was truly enlightening. The abundance of apps available for crafting engaging learning programs is remarkable. They not only promise efficiency but also energy conservation. The guidance on app selection tailored to the ADDIE process stages was invaluable. The highlight for me was the accessibility segment; understanding how AI can pave the way for inclusive learning experiences for individuals with disabilities is both intriguing and inspiring


Phil Davis

I found this Certificate in AI for Learning to be really useful, and to see the various tools available and how they might help is also really helpful. I've been thinking about how my workplace could implement many of the tools in speeding things up from a process point of view, and I think there could be a huge impact, letting staff get on with other more creative tasks.

Liz Reed

Liz Reed

I was captivated by the Certificate in AI for Learning and found myself eagerly setting up trial accounts for various apps. The sheer volume of options was initially overwhelming, but the courses clear structure allowed me to quickly identify which apps would best support our current learning formats and tasks. While I've experimented with several, I can already pinpoint a few that will seamlessly integrate into our learning design. Not only do they benefit my personal workflow, but I also see potential for roles like SMEs. An insightful journey into the vast world of tech!

Ian Griffin

Ian Griffin

Getting insights into the varied AI tools for the ADDIE process in the Certificate in AI for Learning was truly enlightening. The rapid integration of AI features in software is evident, and it's clear that premium services might soon be on the horizon. What was particularly eye-opening for me was AI's role in accessibility. While familiar with Microsoft's Accessibility Checker, it's fascinating to see LMS providers delve into this domain. Notably, one LMS vendor stands out, offering comprehensive content translations, a step beyond the basic text configurations typical of most providers.


Mairi McLoughlin

The application videos and examples in the Certificate in AI for Learning were incredibly helpful. Previously, the vast array of AI tools for learning felt daunting, making it challenging to discern their proper use and limitations. This course brilliantly demystifies that by pinpointing the right tools and demonstrating their application in context. I'm excited to implement them in my own setting.

Kate Herbert-Smith

Kate Herbert-Smith

The Certificate in AI for Learning has been useful in understandind AI in the Digital Learning world. I hadn't considered all of the existing use cases before (such as predictive text etc.), nor some of the ethical concerns around data privacy. It was interesting to think about how AI can be adopted into a learning environment.

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