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Step into the interactive future of digital learning! Unleash the transformative potential of augmented reality, virtual reality, and the Metaverse, all underpinned by a globally recognised, industry-approved, university credit-rated qualification. Elevate your career and become a pioneer in creating captivating, unforgettable immersive learning experiences.

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Cohort Based

Work alongside your peers as you develop your skills and knowledge through a combination of self-paced content, live virtual sessions with expert tutors, collaboration with fellow students, and practical project work.


- Bi-weekly live virtual classrooms

- Scheduled and structured group learning

- Self-paced learning resources and challenges

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Cohort Based

Starts 14 Jun 24 – Ends 14 Aug 24

28 hours of course content including self-paced resources and live virtual classrooms

Immersive Learning course content

This university credit-rated specialist certificate will put you firmly at the forefront of the digital learning revolution. Discover how immersive learning design leverages virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to bring content to life and enhance the learning experience.

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Estefania Padilla

Freelance Immersive Learning Specialist.

Studying the Immersive Learning Certificate was a 10/10 experience! It opened up so many doors not only to understanding this industry but also gave me the clarity to upskill in an accelerated and effective way."

Lay the groundwork for your immersive learning journey with essential definitions and key design principles.

What you'll learn:

  • Grasp the foundational definitions, applications, and examples of immersive learning

  • Dive into the neuroscience of learning, generative learning, and various types of experiential learning

  • Explore the roles crucial for immersive design and development, and glimpse the future of immersive learning

Work-based learning project

Put your new skills into practice with a real-world project of your choosing

Work through a series of assignments and challenges that showcase your immersive learning design skills, knowledge, and value. Browse these portfolio projects created by other students. 

Milica Atanackovci

Milica Atanackovci

Membership, excellence and learning manager, Early Childhood Ireland.

"The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning has helped me keep up to date on trends within the eLearning space. It was an extremely enjoyable course and it provided me with new thinking and inspiration!"

project by Project by Tracey BanhamProject by Tracey Banham
project by Project by Jeremy WoodallProject by Jeremy Woodall
project by Project by Camilla PintusProject by Camilla Pintus
project by Project by Dr Maria Guijarro SanzProject by Dr Maria Guijarro Sanz

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I still use some of the tools I still use to this day! It has been very helpful in enabling me to start my career in instructional design.

Aisling Murphy author profile image

Aisling Murphy

CPD Subscriber

Your fully supported learning journey

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We have tailored a best-in-class learning experience to help digital learning professionals reach their full potential. Guided and supported by leaders in the field, you will explore the very latest concepts and tools as you learn what it takes to create and roll out impactful learning.

Job-ready skills

Build your job-ready skills as you get hands-on with all forms of digital learning, including multimedia learning, video, podcasts, micro-learning, and social learning.

Expert course mentors

Your mentors and tutors are all leading experts in instructional design. They guide you through the learning experience and support your practical project work.

Build a professional portfolio

From day one, work on a real-world project where you can apply your new skills and knowledge while building a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities.

Live virtual classrooms and Q&A sessions

Live online classrooms give you the opportunity to connect with your tutor and fellow students for feedback, question and answer sessions, collaboration, and challenges.

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Blanca Fondevila

Blanca Fondevila

The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning has opened a new door for me, revealing a new world of educational tools that are going to become fundamental in the years ahead. I've gained invaluable insights and skills that empower me to embrace these tools, such as 360 interactive videos, simulations, metaverse, and avatars. It's only the beginning but I am excited to be at the forefront of this educational transformation, ready to create more inclusive and effective learning environments that benefit all students. I look forward to sharing my newfound knowledge and passion not only with the students but colleagues, helping to shape a brighter future for education.

Keith Byrne

Keith Byrne

Really enjoyed the Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning, it's given me a lot to think about more than a traditional instructional design and learning project as things like ambisonic sounds nadir require much more planning and attention to detail that provide that extra quality factor when it comes to an immersive resource.


David Brechin-Smith

Completing the Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning was a truly positive experience that made me feel smarter and inspired! It's given me more confidence to experiment with and use new and emerging technology that can be applied to digital learning design. I wouldn't know nearly as much about the possibilities of immersive learning tech if I hadn't taken the course.


Michelle McGregor

The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning was a fantastic experience. There's been quite a lot of development in the field and the course opened my eyes to the potential of it. I remember when Pokemon Go came out and had its viral moment where everyone was playing it. At the time, I thought it more a gimmick than a serious trend, but it looks like AR is here to stay.

Aishatu Gwadabe

Aishatu Gwadabe

As someone who has already created a metaverse gallery from scratch filled with my NFT Artwork, the Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning has been very informative and gave me new inpulses and insights for an immersive learning project.

Elisabetta Belloli

Elisabetta Belloli

The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning was a fantastic experience, I would 100% recommend it! It has made a significant impact on my career.


Lina Kadi

The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning was great experience and opened up the basics to me and gave me the confidence to work at my own initiative


Jonathan Arend

The Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning was a fantastic experience. There's been quite a lot of development in the field and the course opened my eyes to the potential of it. I remember when Pokemon Go came out and had its viral moment where everyone was playing it. At the time, I thought it more a gimmick than a serious trend, but it looks like AR is here to stay.


Graeme Brown

I found the Professional Certificate in Immersive Learning very interesting and thought provoking. When using the 360 video to produce a resource from considering which perspective to film from point of view or observational. It also highlighted a few areas I might want to expand upon in our next project.

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