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Become a certified digital learning design professional specialising in instructional design. Learn to plan, build, and deliver impactful instructional learning experiences online. Guided by expert tutors, explore end-to-end instructional design, delve into immersive learning, and harness the power of AI. Create a digital learning project to underpin your professional portfolio and gain a university credit-rated certification that is recognised and endorsed by industry leaders.


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On Demand

Start and finish when it suits you best and work at your own speed. Attend optional live sessions and get support from a learning mentor. Ideal for people who need the flexibility to manage their own time.


- Create your own flexible timetable

- More time to complete qualification (up to 32 weeks access)

- Start anytime

- Deliver a real-world learning project

Cohort Based

A structured, scheduled learning experience where self-paced learning is punctuated by live virtual classrooms. Start and finish with your fellow students. Get certified in a timely manner and experience the course with others.


- Social learning with other students

- Timetabled milestones to achieve (complete in 18 weeks)

- Guided learning experience

- Deliver a real-world learning project

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Digital Learning Design course content

This university credit-rated Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design course arms you with the know-how, experience, and insights you need to build and deliver all forms of digital learning.

Bundle CPD and gain access to all electives.

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Lucy Stubbings

Lucy Stubbings

Digital Learning Officer, Frontline

"I would 100% recommend the Professional Diploma in Digital learning Design! It has equipped me with the theoretical undertaking and the technical skills required to ensure the quality of the learning experiences I provide. It covers everything from the foundations of cognitive science and learning theory, to the specifics of e-Learning course design and also contains a wealth of new and curated information."

Understand the options, roles, and processes of digital learning design.

What you'll learn:

  • Evaluate digital learning methods

  • Understand key roles in digital learning design

  • Apply digital learning design models and tools

Work-based learning project

Put your new skills into practice with a real-world project of your choosing

Working through a series of assignments and challenges, you will build a real digital learning experience that showcases your digital learning design skills, experience, and value. Browse these portfolio projects created by other students.

Kevin Synnott

Kevin Synnott

Instructional Design, LinkedIn

“Doing the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design definitely helped me get a new job! The course made me feel more confident to say I am an instructional designer and helped frame my career.”

project by Project by Tracey BanhamProject by Tracey Banham
project by Project by Jeremy WoodallProject by Jeremy Woodall
project by Project by Camilla PintusProject by Camilla Pintus
project by Project by Dr Maria Guijarro SanzProject by Dr Maria Guijarro Sanz

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Maintain your certification

Stay relevant with self-paced microcredentials to bolster your learning and your professional profile.

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CPD subscribers get access to all elective modules on the Professional Diploma, maximizing learning from day one

Keep your skills fresh

Access weekly expert live learning events, and best-practice toolkits and blueprints whenever you need them

A vibrant peer community

Work on projects with your peers in our immersive learning lab. Connect through live online meetups and a specialist forum.

The most valuable aspect for me was the toolkits provided. These practical resources were instrumental in my learning process.

Jacinta Trainer author profile image

Jacinta Trainer

CPD Subscriber

Your fully supported learning journey

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We have tailored a best-in-class learning experience to help digital learning professionals reach their full potential. Guided and supported by leaders in the field, you will explore the very latest concepts and tools as you learn what it takes to create and roll out impactful learning.

Job-ready skills

Build your job-ready skills as you get hands-on with all forms of digital learning, including multimedia learning, video, podcasts, micro-learning, and social learning.

Expert course mentors

Your mentors and tutors are all leading experts in instructional design. They guide you through the learning experience and support your practical project work.

Build a professional portfolio

From day one, work on a real-world project where you can apply your new skills and knowledge while building a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities.

Live virtual classrooms and Q&A sessions

Live online classrooms give you the opportunity to connect with your tutor and fellow students for feedback, question and answer sessions, collaboration, and challenges.

Whatever questions you have, we’re here to answer them. Speak to one of our advisors


Become a Certified Digital Learning Professional

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  • Deliver a real-life learning project

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Your fellow students deliver best-in-class digital learning at the world’s leading organisations and universities

We’ve helped thousands of students to accelerate rewarding careers in digital learning. See how DLI certification has impacted their careers

Aaron Willoughby

Aaron Willoughby

From completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design, I have gone from novice in the L&D field, to now where I am able to have conversations with the more experienced team members, challenge ideas and how to bring new ideas to the table

Ruth Huxford

Ruth Huxford

The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design has had monumental impact on my life, and that is no exaggeration at all. If I didn’t complete the course I don’t think I would have landed my dream job!

David Mc Pherson

David Mc Pherson

I completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design and it was the best decision I made in 2022. It was an excellent course with motivational tutors and challenging projects. It allowed me to finally underline and formalise core design skills I had developed over decades of building eLearning Design

Loianna Leal

Loianna Leal

Excellent! I recently studied the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design and now I have acquired invaluable skills. Tutors offered timely feedback, excellent study materials and objective lessons. Excellent content. Very good assessment strategy and great support throughout the course.

Chuleeporn (Gwen) Theppitak

Chuleeporn (Gwen) Theppitak

I completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design and it has been instrumental in helping me understand the intricacies of instructional design in a systematic manner. The inclusion of project-based work has enabled me to translate theory into practice by creating captivating eLearning courses. Most importantly the program introduced me to the latest tools and technologies that are shaping the eLearning landscape.

Jennifer Tilley

Jennifer Tilley

I had a wonderful experience with Digital Learning Institute. The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design does exactly what it says on the tin! Each module was set up in a really engaging way and after completing the course in just under 6 months with a Distinction I was able to secure a really great job doing instructional design on the same salary as my teaching job!

Bram Van Damme

Bram Van Damme

Engaging in the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design has equipped me with the knowledge and resources necessary to enhance the execution of my current role as a senior learning technologist. Throughout the program, we delved into comprehensive learning and instructional design theories, as well as industry best practices. This newfound expertise empowers me to make more informed recommendations when guiding my colleagues in developing training programs and bolsters my ability to articulate and refine my own ideas with greater precision and effectiveness.

Jami Priessnitz

Jami Priessnitz

An excellent experience overall. I loved that theProfessional Diploma in Digital Learning Design allowed me flexibility through the asynchronous design. I could manage my own time and fit it into my schedule, while still being a part of an interactive online community.

Arnold Majcher

Arnold Majcher

I found the experience of studying for the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design to be incredibly rewarding and enriching. The course was structured in a way that provided a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, which made the learning process engaging and inspiring. I appreciated their dedication to helping us succeed.

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