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Whether you are looking to put a group of staff through intensive instructional design training, or provide your entire team with access to high-impact digital learning  lessons, toolkits and resources , we are here to help.

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We help you transform digital learning experiences

Our industry-approved qualifications are the gold standard, ensuring that your team's expertise is aligned with global benchmarks. Our focus on tangible outcomes helps you introduce innovation into the learning experience and deliver high-quality outcomes for students and staff alike.

Improve your learning experiences

We offer a comprehensive educational journey, imparting the practical end-to-end skills needed to analyse, design, develop, implement, and evaluate digital learning experiences.

An expert-led curriculum

Our course developers, tutors, and mentors are seasoned professionals at the forefront of digital learning design and committed to raising standards across the industry.

University credit-rated courses

Our university credit-rated courses allow your team to benefit from credits on the UK and European qualification frameworks, with equivalence across education systems globally.

A connected global community

Our students work across the further and higher education sectors and are actively involved in our knowledge-sharing alumni community.

Upskill your team with on-demand training that drives business success

In the corporate landscape, learning and development isn't just a box to tick; it's the cornerstone of success. Our industry-approved, university credit rated, programmes are meticulously designed to transform your learning and training initiatives from tactical operations into strategically critical components of your organisation.

Pioneers in digital learning's Icon

Pioneers in digital learning

Support and guidance from experienced practitioners at the forefront of digital learning innovation.

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The latest concepts

We incorporate the very latest thinking, tools, and theories into our digital learning design courses.

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Credit rated, industry-validated courses

An Industry Advisory Council keeps our university credit-rated content focused on in-demand skills.

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Job-ready skills

We teach practical, role-enhancing knowledge and skills that bring instant value to your business.

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Engaging learning experience

Our platform offers a best-in-class learning experience with a mix of self-paced study and live learning events.

A vibrant peer community

A highly engaged community of global learning and development professionals, trainers, and educators.

Helping organisations find solutions to their unique challenges

Adam Greaves, Social Learning Manager.
Adam Greaves, Social Learning Manager.'s Logo

Completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design was a game-changing decision for both me and my team at UK Sports. None of my colleagues had real experience in digital learning, and this course gave us the insights, principles, and processes that underpin truly effective digital learning design and implementation. One significant impact was the ability to apply the tools and content from the diploma to our annual learning development conference, PLx, transforming it into an extended learning journey over three months, rather than a single-day event.

Adam Greaves, Social Learning Manager.

Alan O'Flaherty, Learning, Support and Content Manager.
Alan O'Flaherty, Learning, Support and Content Manager.'s Logo

When I first approached the Digital Learning Institute's Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design, I was hoping for a structured approach to digital learning, a means to help bring my ideas to life, and to connect with other professionals in the field. The course didn't disappoint. The practical and hands-on nature of the DLI courses allowed me to immediately apply best practices to relevant projects. One of the most pivotal outcomes was the creation of a structured 4-week programme aimed at reducing food waste, something I've been passionate about.

Alan O'Flaherty, Learning, Support and Content Manager.

Andrea Gyori, Training Lead.
Andrea Gyori, Training Lead.'s Logo

Enrolling in the Digital Learning Institute's Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design has been a game-changer for us at Icon Plc. As a Program Lead navigating the shift to virtual learning, this course provided practical tools and a unifying communication framework. Strategies like interactive virtual sessions and pre-read materials have made our training more dynamic and efficient. The course also bridges gaps between teams, ensuring smoother collaborations. For anyone in Learning & Development, this course is a must. It's given us fresh perspectives, streamlined methods, and a better understanding of the ever-evolving digital learning landscape.

Andrea Gyori, Training Lead.

Tailored training plans that adapt to the needs of your business

Digital Learning ProfessionalDigital Learning AssociateAccessibility SpecialistImmersive SpecialistAI Learning SpecialistCPD

Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design

5 hours per week, over 18 weeks

Empowers learning professionals with the end-to-end skills and confidence to create and deploy groundbreaking digital learning experiences in any context. A globally recognised, industry-approved, and university credit-rated qualification.

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Chrisitne Langley

Senior workforce and development officer, Luton Council.

The reason I decided to put my staff through the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design was because they were all at different levels in terms of their knowledge and this meant things were a little bit slower – now since completing the Diploma my staffs’ confidence has increased and it has really improved their performance

Understand the options, roles, and processes of digital learning design.

What you'll learn:

  • Evaluate digital learning methods

  • Understand key roles in digital learning design

  • Apply digital learning design models and tools

Help people reach their full potential with the right business plan

Upskill employees to develop and reach their full potential with the right training plan for your organisation. 

  • Step 1: Comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s digital learning requirements

  • Step 2: Provide your entire team with ongoing access to the latest knowledge with digital learning lessons, toolkits and resources

  • Step 3: Embed learning with accredited certifications for selected staff: University-backed qualifications to bolster your team's credentials

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Help people reach their full potential with the right business plan

The global standard in digital learning certification

Our diploma and certificate courses are university credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University (UK), listed in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. This means your team will benefit from credits on the UK and European qualification frameworks, with equivalence across education systems globally.

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Maria Jorquiera

My only regret was that I didn’t find the Digital Learning Institute sooner! Before my staff completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design they were all at different levels after coming from various different backgrounds, now since the course we have a more standardised approach to how we work

Maria Jorquiera

Senior Education Consultant

Lucy McCann

Transitioning to a fully digital learning space back in 2019 at Indeed posed challenges, but the Digital Learning Institute was a game-changer for us. Digital Learning Institute equipped us with innovative digital learning techniques, allowing us to explore new channels like interactive videos and podcasts. The course's blend of virtual classrooms and real-world application is what made it invaluable. My advice? If you're considering Digital Learning Institute, dive in. The knowledge and practical skills you and your team gain are transformative.

Lucy McCann

Strategist, Learning Design | Global Learning & Enablement

Ian Griffin

From my staff completing the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design, they are now more comfortable and confident in developing our products. As a result it has notably decreased our reliance on outsourcing, resulting in significant cost savings. This internal upskilling not only bolstered our in-house capacity but also allowed us to reinvest in cutting-edge eLearning tools like Articulate, Camtasia, and PowToon. Thanks to our empowered staff and these investments, we're now at the forefront of innovative digital learning product development.

Ian Griffin

Head of Online Learning and Innovation

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Our globally recognised, university credit-rated qualifications and learning platform have helped learning professionals to advance careers at some of the best-known multinationals in the world. We regularly work with leading brands to upskill their teams in areas such as learning and development, product training, and customer education.

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