Associate Certificate in Instructional Design

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Explore the fundamentals of digital learning design. Gain an understanding of the principles and concepts used in instructional design. Discover the main tools and blueprints used to design, build, and roll out high-quality online learning experiences.

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A quality learning experience

Cohort Based

Work alongside your peers as you develop your skills and knowledge through a combination of self-paced content, live virtual sessions with expert tutors, collaboration with fellow students, and practical project work.


- Bi-weekly live virtual classrooms

- Scheduled and structured group learning

- Self-paced learning resources and challenges

Upcoming start dates:

Cohort Based

Starts 31 May 24 – Ends 31 May 24

28 hours of course content including self-paced resources and live virtual classrooms

Cohort Based

Starts 27 Jun 24 – Ends 05 Sep 24

28 hours of course content including self-paced resources and live virtual classrooms

Instructional Design course content

This university credit-rated certificate course equips you with the essential toolkit of instructional design, tailored for those new to the field or looking to formalise their skills. Whether you are exploring digital learning design as a career option or looking to bring more value to your learning colleagues, this course is for you.

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Sallie Melton

Sallie Melton

Educator, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

"Before completing the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design, I was no expert at all and definitely felt like I suffered from a bit of imposter syndrome but now since completing the course I am much more confident when working with SMEs and in my role in general"

Learn about the role of an instructional designer, the processes and options available in digital learning design.

What you'll learn:

  • Explore the landscape of digital learning

  • Look at different roles in a digital learning project

  • Understand the digital learning design process

Work-based learning project

Put your new skills into practice with a real-world project of your choosing

Work through a series of assignments and challenges that showcases your universal design skills, knowledge, and value. Browse these portfolio projects created by other students.

Niamh Harnett

Niamh Harnett

EAP Instructor, The University of Manchester

"The Professional Certificate in Instructional Design was an incredibly interesting, hands on course, and getting stuck into the final design project was very rewarding!"

project by Project by Tracey BanhamProject by Tracey Banham
project by Project by Jeremy WoodallProject by Jeremy Woodall
project by Project by Camilla PintusProject by Camilla Pintus
project by Project by Dr Maria Guijarro SanzProject by Dr Maria Guijarro Sanz

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I have truly enjoyed my journey with the Digital Learning Institute. It was amazing to meet new people and work with my peers

Melinda Markus author profile image

Melinda Markus

CPD Subscriber

Your fully supported learning journey

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We have tailored a best-in-class learning experience to help digital learning professionals reach their full potential. Guided and supported by leaders in the field, you will explore the very latest concepts and tools as you learn what it takes to create and roll out impactful learning.

Job-ready skills

Build your job-ready skills as you get hands-on with all forms of digital learning, including multimedia learning, video, podcasts, micro-learning, and social learning.

Expert course mentors

Your mentors and tutors are all leading experts in instructional design. They guide you through the learning experience and support your practical project work.

Build a professional portfolio

From day one, work on a real-world project where you can apply your new skills and knowledge while building a portfolio to demonstrate your abilities.

Live virtual classrooms and Q&A sessions

Live online classrooms give you the opportunity to connect with your tutor and fellow students for feedback, question and answer sessions, collaboration, and challenges.

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Agne N'Zouzou

Agne N'Zouzou

The Associate Certificate in Instructional Design course offers a perfect blend of theory and application of best practices. In the space of a few days attending the sessions, I was able to have a clear methodology and significantly upskilled in knowing how to design eLearning and develop content – The course gave me a solid foundation which I continue to build thanks to the great materials and resources provided by the Digital Learning Institute.

Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell

Starting the New Year off with a Distinction on the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design from the Digital Learning Institute. Thanks to John Kilroy and the team, it was a great experience and has opened my eyes to a new world of wireframing and course planning.

Nathalie Mcq

Nathalie Mcq

After completing the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design, I felt much more confident and knowledgeable in my work! Thanks to the Digital Learning Institute I managed to create interactive and user-friendly eLearning content for everyone in my company. I valued my experience with the Digital Learning Institute so much that a few months later I completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design which was the perfect addition to the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design.


Jules Redelsperger

The Associate Certificate in Instructional Design was excellent! It has had such a positive impact on my career as I have been able to implement my learning in a number of different areas!

Sinem Basaran

Sinem Basaran

It has been a truly rewarding journey receiving my Associate Certificate in Instructional Design! Besides learning about the principles and methodologies in Instructional Design throughout the course, we focused on creating a project scoping plan, designing a wireframe and screen plan, as well as writing a comprehensive project report for an eLearning project we planned, as these were the essentials to successfully complete the course!


Alexandra Giurca

The Associate Certificate in Instructional Design was a great experience and super high quality! I have learned and applied so many things from the course to my day to day job.

Daryn Buckley

Daryn Buckley

I would 100% recommend the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design, my role is a new one and the qualification gave me a lot of valuable help in determining how to build design standards and approach digital learning in a more structured and effective way.

Keith Byrne

Keith Byrne

After earning the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design, I developed courses that have significantly increased student engagement.

Deirdre Keary

Deirdre Keary

Coming from a traditional learning and development background, completing the Associate Certificate in Instructional Design has boosted my confidence. I now feel equipped with the knowledge and skills that complement my initial expertise.

Natasha Levy

Natasha Levy

My experience with the Instructional Design course was incredibly positive and transformative. After two previous attempts at obtaining qualifications in this field, this course stood out due to its diverse and engaging content delivery methods, including videos, voiceover texts, interactive quizzes, ebooks, flip chart content, and templates. This variety not only facilitated my learning but also reinforced the information effectively, making the experience far more interactive than just clicking through screens. The virtual sessions were particularly valuable, as they provided opportunities to learn from fellow students. The final project was an excellent culmination of the course, allowing me to integrate all my learning and receive valuable feedback. This course has been instrumental in my pivot towards instructional design and development. It has even influenced my current role as an Adjunct lecturer, where I've applied the insights gained to enhance my online teaching methods. I wholeheartedly recommend this course and still find the resources provided to be extremely useful in my ongoing professional endeavors.

Hailey Higgins

Hailey Higgins

My experience with this course was outstanding, offering numerous helpful tools and substantial support from the organization. It has notably enhanced my work in leadership development and eLearning course creation, enabling me to approach these tasks with greater strategy and intention. The course's resources have been exceptionally useful, serving as a continual guide in my ongoing projects. I strongly recommend this course to anyone seeking to develop their instructional design skills, as it provides both immediate and lasting benefits.


Jared JJ Jamias

The Professional Certificate in Instructional Design was a game-changer for my career. It combined practical, hands-on learning with invaluable insights from friendly and knowledgeable instructors. The course not only equipped me with the fundamental skills for instructional design jobs but also significantly enhanced my capabilities as an educator and designer. Thanks to this program, I feel confident and prepared to tackle diverse challenges in the field. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their skills and impact in education and design.

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