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Working through a series of assignments and challenges, you will build a real digital learning experience that showcases your digital learning design skills, experience, and value. Browse these portfolio projects created by other students.

Deirdre Keary

Deirdre Keary

Global People Development Manager Transitions Optical.

“Before completing the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning & Instructional Design, I wasn’t tech savy and wouldn’t see it as my strength but now I definitely have more confidence now that I have done the course! It was very comprehensible.”

project by Project by Tracey Banham Project by Tracey Banham
project by Project by Jeremy WoodallProject by Jeremy Woodall
project by Project by Camilla PintusProject by Camilla Pintus
project by Project by Dr Maria Guijarro SanzProject by Dr Maria Guijarro Sanz

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The resources are incredibly useful. Particularly the toolkits which act as quick reference documents to refresh my understanding of concepts, and the templates which have helped me to structure project planning.

Lucy Stubbings author profile image

Lucy Stubbings

CPD Subscriber

Your fully supported learning journey

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We have tailored a best-in-class learning experience to help digital learning professionals reach their full potential. Guided and supported by leaders in the field, you will explore the very latest concepts and tools as you learn what it takes to create and roll out impactful learning.

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Olga Muranova

Olga Muranova

As a student, I've found the DLI Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design program to be an exceptional and comprehensive learning journey. The program's structure, encompassing self-paced modules, weekly assignments, discussion forums, collaborative activities, quizzes, and virtual classroom sessions, has provided me with both challenging and exciting opportunities to apply my learning. I'm impressed by the meticulous design and thoroughness of the program, which I believe is essential for both new and continuing instructional designers and e-Learning developers. The practical application of knowledge, closely mirroring real-world scenarios, has significantly enhanced my skills in instructional design and e-Learning development. The abundance of resources, like templates, instructional videos, articles, and podcasts, has been particularly beneficial. I feel empowered and well-equipped for my future career in this field and would highly recommend this program to others seeking to build a strong foundation in digital learning design.

Aaron Willoughby

Aaron Willoughby

From completing the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design, I have gone from novice in the L&D field, to now where I am able to have conversations with the more experienced team members, challenge ideas and how to bring new ideas to the table

Kevin Synnott

Kevin Synnott

Doing the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design definitely helped me get a new job! The course made me feel more confident to say I am an instructional designer and helped frame my career.

Karl Kearns

Karl Kearns

Moving from face-to-face instruction to digital content creation was challenging, but the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design at Digital Learning Institute transformed my approach. This course not only helped me bridge my skills gap but also introduced me to effective digital learning methods. The course's structure, combined with unwavering support from Digital Learning Institute's team, made my experience unparalleled. My advice? Investing in yourself is crucial. Digital Learning Institute courses have supercharged my career more in a short span than years prior. If you're considering advancing your skills in this domain, Digital Learning Institute is the place to start.

Lucas Ginani

Lucas Ginani

This course not only closed the knowledge gaps I had but also honed my expertise in digital learning design. Now, I approach my work with greater confidence and precision, and my content quality has vastly improved. This program is the perfect guide for anyone aiming to excel in the Learning and Development or Instructional Design realm. If you want clarity, efficiency, and precision in your career, I wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Learning Institute.

Pamela Atzori

Pamela Atzori

I would definitely recommend the Digital Learning Institute, because for me I could see it as a group of people who are very passionate about education and have created a course that’s tailored around training and people who want to improve their careers.

Breda McGrath

Breda McGrath

The L&D industry is constantly evolving, so for those of us working within it, we must continue to do the same. I learned a huge amount throughout the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their instructional design skills.

Chuleeporn (Gwen) Theppitak

Chuleeporn (Gwen) Theppitak

I completed the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design and it has been instrumental in helping me understand the intricacies of instructional design in a systematic manner. The inclusion of project-based work has enabled me to translate theory into practice by creating captivating eLearning courses. Most importantly the program introduced me to the latest tools and technologies that are shaping the eLearning landscape.

Jami Priessnitz

Jami Priessnitz

An excellent experience overall. I loved that the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design allowed me flexibility through the asynchronous design. I could manage my own time and fit it into my schedule, while still being a part of an interactive online community.

Arnold Majcher

Arnold Majcher

I found the experience of studying for the Professional Certificate in Digital Learning Design to be incredibly rewarding and enriching. The course was structured in a way that provided a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, which made the learning process engaging and inspiring. I appreciated their dedication to helping us succeed.

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