25th June from 2.00-3:00pm (London time) /  9.00-10.00am (New York time)

Empowering Education with UDL: Frameworks, Barriers, and Assistive AI Innovations 

Join us for an exclusive masterclass on June 25th, 2024, hosted by Sue Meehan, Assistive Technologist at SETU, ADHD Coach, and AT Specialist at University College Dublin.

This session is designed for educators and technologists committed to creating inclusive digital learning experiences.

What to expect

  • Understanding UDL: Discover what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is and why it is essential in modern education.

  • The UDL Framework: Learn about the UDL framework and how it can be applied to cater to diverse learner populations.

  • Overcoming Barriers: Identify common barriers in digital learning and explore strategies to address them effectively.

  • UDL Pyramid: Delve into the UDL Pyramid and understand how to implement its principles in your educational practices.

  • AI for Assistive Text: Explore how AI can be leveraged to create assistive text technologies, enhancing accessibility and personalized learning experiences for all students.

About the speaker

Sue Meehan is a learning technologist at Southeast Technological University. Sue has extensive expertise in assistive technologies and a deep passion for universal design principles for learning (UDL), accessibility, student support, and leveraging technology for enhanced learning experiences. In addition to her role, Sue actively serves as a coach, providing support to individuals with ADHD and other factors that can influence their unique functioning and learning.