About the Digital Learning Institute

The Story Behind the Digital Learning Institute

The Digital Learning Institute was founded in 2018 and we are the global leaders in digital learning education. We are comprised of a team of digital learning specialists with a passion for helping professionals reach their potential through digital learning design courses.

Since 2018, the Digital Learning Institute has helped 5,000+ students transition into digital learning careers and improve a variety of company’s learning and development departments. We regularly work with global brands to upskill their teams in Learning & Development, product training, customer education and much more.

Our alumni work with the world’s leading companies

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Our Mission

Our goal at the Digital Learning Institute is to offer a world-class education to help learning professionals, trainers, instructors, and educators reach their potential as digital learning professionals.

Our courses are accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University and industry leaders to ensure we are setting the global standard for digital learning education. With our hands-on approach, one-to-one mentoring, and project based work, we aim to graduate students with all the tools and skills needed to advance their careers in digital learning so they can produce high quality digital learning experiences.

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Our Impact

The Digital Learning Institute has helped over 5000 students realize their potential as digital learning professionals with career advancements or accreditation as they enter a field. Students have gone from junior L&D professionals to senior management, implemented entirely new learning experiences for their companies, moved from on-site to corporate positions, and increases to their salaries.

The DLI alumni continue to be active in our DLI Community. The DLI Community hosts provides our alumni with regular platform talks, ongoing CPD, career advice and peer to peer networking. Alumni can also ask each other for help with specific questions they might have in their new roles.

Course Accreditation

The Digital Learning Institute’s courses are accredited by Glasgow Calendonian University, a highly-rated UK University. Each course goes through a rigorous accreditation process to ensure our curriculum is set to the highest standards and is backed by our industry and education partners. Each year we ensure our modules and course information are updated and in line with accreditation standards.


  • Flex Labs was founded as the groundbreaking digital learning labs by John Kilroy & Nicola O’Neill.

    Launch of the Professional Certificate in Instructional Design accredited through Newcastle University.


  • Launch of our Virtual Lab and Instructional Design Toolkit for learning professionals.

    Launch of the Advanced Digital Learning Design programme accredited through Newcastle University.


  • Expansion into the UK and USA market.

    Launch of the Virtual Classroom Essentials programme with the IITD.


  • Rebrand to the Digital Learning Institute.

    Formation of the Industry Advisory Council.

    New Partnership established with Glasgow Caledonian University for course accreditation.

    Launch of the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design.


  • Launched On-demand version of Diploma in Digital Learning Design.

    Launched new modules in Universal Design and Immersive Learning.

    DLI enters the Australian market.


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