How does Instructional Design help me in my role?

18 July

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How does Instructional Design help me in my role?

eLearning instructional design is not just for full-time instructional designers, many other professionals in the Learning and Development or Education field use instructional design in their role.

Here are a few of these roles and how instructional design is involved in their routine.

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Many higher education professionals are increasingly looking to have more control over the quality of the eLearning experiences they roll out to students. Instructional design skills can help education professionals transition their learning materials into highly engaging and interactive experiences that fit seamlessly into blended learning programmes.

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Instructional Design for Corporate Trainers

Corporate trainers may find themselves thrust into a position where they’re required to create self-paced eLearning content. Having knowledge of instructional design will help trainers enhance their skillsets and capabilities. Plus, being able to put more training content into self-paced eLearning can mean shorter or fewer live virtual classrooms!

Instructional Design for Learning & Development managers

L&D Managers might not be doing any eLearning design or development themselves. However, understanding the instructional design process, knowing what good eLearning looks like and ‘speaking the eLearning language’ will help with managing their team and working with vendors.

Instructional Design for Self-Taught Learning Professionals

Many learning professionals find their way into L&D via other functions – such as Marketing, IT, Admin to name a few. These learning professionals are often self-taught. Furthering their knowledge and skills in eLearning instructional design can help progress their career.

Instructional Design for eLearning Developers

Developers may be skilled when it comes to using authoring tools to build eLearning courses, but less familiar with the instructional design principles. Building an eLearning course that looks modern and stylish is one thing – but it’s important to know how to design a learning experience that is engaging and well-structured for learners.

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