Microlearning & The Benefits

19 January

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Microlearning & The Benefits

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a learning design trend that entails breaking down a concept or idea into its most fundamental parts within a course/ module or a programme. These learning experiences tend to be very focused, with many short learning nuggets which are usually around 2 to 8 minutes long resulting in very specific learning outcomes.

Microlearning comes in many different formats as shown in the image below. The wide range of formats allow learners to access digestible information in the flow of work or during a learning experience.

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When to use?

Microlearning can be applicable in many different learning situations. It can be used as a support resource to allow learners to take a deeper dive into a concept during a course.  Microlearning resources can also be leveraged as job support tools to allow learners to access information quickly during work.

It is perfect for corporate learning as it can easily be adapted to different businesses and their specific needs. For example:

  • Onboarding of new employees

  • Technical skills training for new systems

  • Troubleshooting of technical issues

  • Best practice (e.g. health and safety)

  • New initiatives/updates within your organisation

  • Refresher courses

  • Communication tips and tricks

  • In house processes and guidance

The Benefits of Microlearning

Higher engagement

Statistically, there is a 50% higher engagement rate when microlearning is used, and learners have a better retention rate. The precise learning nuggets and wide variety of formats benefits both the learner’s experience and the amount of information they retain, due to the reduced possibility of cognitive overload.

More efficient to develop

It is 3 times faster and more cost effective to develop than traditional courses. 

(TalentCards, 2014)

Mobile learning & Microlearning

Mobile learning can easily be combined with microlearning, allowing learners to easily build their skills on the go and access learning anytime and anywhere.

Gamification & Microlearning

Gamification and microlearning can be a match made in heaven, if done correctly. By combining the learning nuggets with gamification elements, learners become more interested and involved, resulting in better memorization of topics.

(Suresh Kumar DN, 2021)


Microlearning can be a great choice when teaching small bite sized pieces of content. The variety of formats allows for a more engaging experience for learners and can be easily adapted to the specific needs of a business. Click to read about the ‘Top 6 Microlearning Tools for 2023‘.

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