The Key Features of Learning Experience and Learning Centred Platforms

07 June

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The Key Features of Learning Experience and Learning Centred Platforms

The Importance of Digital Learning Platforms

In our most recent blog about ‘The Importance of Digital Learning Platforms’, we explored the different types of Digital Learning Platforms, how they work, and the critical role they have in user-centred learning and development.

LXP’s (Learning Experience Platforms) are a type of educational software where the main focus is on the user experience, whereas LCP’s (Learning Creation Platforms) integrate this user-centred approach with the ability to customise & create bespoke content.

In this blog we will explore the main features of LXP and LCP, so you can learn more about these two digital learning platforms, allowing you to create eLearning experiences to keep your learners engaged.

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Key features of an LXP/LCP

Below we have compiled some of the top key features of Learning Experience & Learning Creation Platforms.

  • Learner Centred
    The learner is encouraged to be active in the learning process, it recognises that each student brings their own experience and learns in different ways,. Students are also encouraged to reflect on their own learning and development as part of the process.

  • Uses Adaptive Learning
    Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a personalised learning path that supports the learner to develop and progress, based on a clear understanding of how they learn best. In effect, the system learns from the users and delivers the most relevant content in the best format for each individual.

  • Social Learning
    It can provide a Community Space online for social learning. A learning community shares similar goals for the growth of knowledge and can include learners, students, and staff. This space can be a place for discussion, collaboration, and support, there are usually multiple ways to contribute through chat, sharing documents, or video clips.

  • Increased Accessibility & Modern User Interface
    Has a modern user interface and design allowing for the best learning experiences. They offer multiple content channels, for example, video, audio, and infographics. This allows for multiple representations of content which increases accessibility for learners. The LXP can also provide tools to create content within the platform. One main feature of the LXPs is the student/learner content creation that is supported by these learning platforms (USG- user-generated content).

  • Content Curation
    Inbuilt curation features allow learning experience designers to curate the relevant content for training offerings.

  • Mobile/Micro Learning
    Might be supported by mobile apps, so needed for mobile and microlearning. Microlearning and mobile learning have a clear connection as the demand is growing for short, bite-sized learning nuggets that can be accessed quickly on smartphones. (Click to read more about Microlearning & The Benefits)

  • Automation
    Automation of main functionalities is key to the system that allows automated communication, assessment, and content feed. E-learning automation improves access to course materials, makes the e-learning process more engaging, increases admin efficiency and personalized learning opportunities.


As our world advances, so does the evolution of learning platforms. By putting the learner at the heart of teaching/ training, it allows the educator to provide a more adaptable, accessible and social learning experience for all.

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