10 February

Webinar Highlights: Working with Subject Matter Experts

This week, we invited Dr Sandrine Peraldi a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and faculty member at UCD, to host a webinar displaying a digital learning project. Co-host and DLI employee, Eva Kilar-Magdziarz, also outlined her role as Instructional Designer in this project.

In this exciting session, they walked through the stages of the ADDIE process, challenges faced, top tips & overall reflections.

Here are the main highlights from their presentation:

Overview of Project

The project involved the development of ‘Scenario-based Online Resources Intercultural Communication (ICC)’ funded by the National Forum. It entailed the enhancement of teaching and learning, where academics improve teaching and learning processes.

Their main aim was to get students to understand theory through interactive resources and online scenario-based learning.

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Summary of Project Deliverables

  • Redesign of the learning experience
  • Set up in the Virtual Learning Environment (Brightspace)
  • Design assessment strategies and feedback
  • Online resources containing all material concepts & theory
  • 2 Interactive Videos built around real-life scenarios


The project chose to follow the ADDIE model due to time and financial considerations. This includes analysis, design, development, implementation & evaluation. Below outlines some challenges faced by Sandrine (SME) and how Eva (ID) helped overcome them.

Top Tips

  • Have a welcome pack for SMEs- Define roles, identify deliverables & deadlines, and highlight the process
  • Ensure a clear project plan is drafted
  • Build relationship with the SME and maintain this during the project.


Again, we would like to express our thanks to both Dr Sandrine Peraldi and Eva Kilar-Magdziarz for sharing their knowledge and insights with us.

If you would like to access a recording of the webinar, click here.

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