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Build an AI for Learning Action Plan for your practice

  • Demystify the role of AI tools in education and learning.
  • Build your confidence to use AI tools across learning design, assessment and roll out.
  • Practice using AI tools in real life challenges and case studies.
  • Explain the core definition and principles that underpin the role of AI in learning.
  • Implement policies, procedures and guard rails to support the rollout of AI in your practice.
  • Identify the role of AI in driving productivity and efficiency across the learning design process.

Who this course is for?

  • Corporate trainers & facilitators.
  • Learning and development consultants.
  • Learning and development managers.
  • Instructional designers.
  • eLearning developers.
  • Subject matter experts responsible for curriculum development.
  • Higher education professionals.
  • Further education professionals.

AI Course Curriculum

We’ve put together a curriculum that covers everything you need to know
to master the role of AI in learning

Utilise AI for
Learning Design

To view the full syllabus, download the
brochure here

Module 1

Introduction to AI

Demystify the definition, principles and application of AI in the Learning and Education landscape.

Module 2

Analysing and Designing with AI

Practice with AI tools to support LX Design, Instructional Design and Accessibility.

Module 3

Developing with AI

Practice with AI tools to support content creation and curation.

Module 4

Implementing with AI

Practice with AI tools to support the rollout of learning and virtual tutors.

Module 5

Evaluating with AI

Practice with AI tools to support the evaluation of learning.

Next cohort commences: 6 Oct 2023

29 spaces available

Certificate in AI for Learning


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Your Learning Experience

Self-paced learning resources

Self-paced learning resources

Explore the interactive course content on our learning platform in your time, at your own speed.

Self-paced learning resources

Real life practice project

Practice experimenting and using a range of AI tools through a series of case study challenges and a real life project.

Self-paced learning resources

AI for Learning Toolkit

Discover a range of templates and checklists that will assist you when designing or evaluating your digital learning for AI.

Self-paced learning resources

Education Consultant

Opportunity to talk to one of our Digital Learning Specialists post-programme to discuss your career and further education needs.

Self-paced learning resources

Student community

Share and engage with fellow students through our interactive social learning platform.

Self-paced learning resources

Live Virtual Classrooms (optional)

There will be monthly live virtual classrooms for students going through the Certificate to allow you to engage with peers and the course tutors.

What our students have to say

Even though you may have that knowledge, you might not have the qualification behind you, so I was feeling imposter syndrome. DLI definitely helped me progress in my journey within digital learning.

Alan O'Flaherty

Alan O’Flaherty

Support and Content Manager at EazySAFE Read Alan O’Flaherty’s story

I started off not knowing what digital learning was, so if I didn’t do this course, it wouldn’t have opened up this whole new world for me. I wasn’t a very confident person and always kept my ideas to myself, but once I got into this area, I was able to develop in a different place more in line with my interests.

Emily McAuley

Emily McAuley

Digital Learning Business Executive at Meritec Read Emily McAuley’s story

I got a promotion just around Christmas time. And yes, I have my experience, but I’m certain it was also because I had the Certificate to back me up.

Sallie Melton

Sallie Melton

Educator at East Riding Council Read Sallie Melton’s story

I’ve gone from being a novice in the L&D field, to now where I am able to have conversations with the more experienced team members, challenge ideas, and bring new ideas to the table and how do we move from standard eLearning to microlearning, video content. That future thinking has all come from me joining the diploma programme.

Aaron Willoughby

Aaron Willoughby

Digital Learning Specialist at KFC Read Aaron Willoughby’s story

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Download the brochure

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Frequently asked questions

Schedule a call with an advisor or email us at hello@digitallearninginstitute.com

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  • The certification programme is delivered as an online cohort based learning experience. This is a blend of learning activities including self paced content, live virtual classrooms, cohort community and project challenges. The self-paced learning allows you to manage your own time during the qualification . The course runs over 6 –8 weeks with a recommended commitment of 3 hours per week including assessment. You will receive support from a learning mentor to guide you through the process. The learning experience also includes networking with your peers on a social learning platform and practical project work.

  • The course is accredited directly through the Digital Learning Institute as a micro credential qualification. The cert can be used as a RPL against the DLI Diploma in Digital Learning Design.

    In order to receive certification, student must complete the following:

    • Complete all the core lessons on the programme.
    • Complete the project challenges
    • Submit a reflective journal at end of course based on learning reflections

  • This course will be taking a practical look at the application of AI across learning design and education. It is recommended that students have some level of experience and knowledge of learning design before completing the course. Ideally, students should complete the Diploma in Digital Learning Design in advance if possible.

  • The course will cover a wide range of AI tools. These tools will be broke down to each phase of the ADDIE process. Please find a break down of sample tools for each phase below.

    Phase 1, Analysing and designing with AI – Otter.ai, Grammarly, Opus, ChatGPT, Miro AI, Typeform, Canva, DeepL Translator, Perplexity AI.

    Phase 2, Developing with AI – Flipboard, Feedly, Dall-E, Murf, Synthesia, ID Assist, 7Taps, Nolej.

    Phase 3, Implementing with AI – Elicit, D-ID, 360 Learning, Graphy, Copy.ai, Reclaim AI.

    Phase 4, Evaluating with AI – Sprig, Insight 7, Quizalize, PrepAI, VideoAsk, EssayGrader.

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