Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design

Advance your career as an instructional designer and digital learning professional with a globally recognised, industry-approved qualification.

**New AI for Learning Module**

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22 weeks

Hours per week

4 hours per week

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Our alumni work with the world’s leading companies

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Advance your career with the end to end skills of a Digital Learning Professional

  • Get an instructional design certification as a Digital Learning Professional
  • Design high quality and innovative digital learning experiences
  • Apply instructional design, universal design and LX design principles to your digital learning
  • Practice using the latest tools including generative AI

Setting the Global Standard in Digital Learning Education

We’ve partnered with Glasgow Caledonian University and industry leaders to make sure our courses meet the highest educational standards in instructional design and technology.

Outcomes for you

  • Build your instructional design skills for all forms of digital learning including multi-media eLearning, video, podcasts, micro learning, immersive learning and social learning.
  • Apply universal design, UX and visual design principles to your digital learning experiences.
  • Practice with the latest tools and software including new AI driven tools such as 7Taps and Nolej
  • Manage an end to end digital learning projects and utilise AI to streamline collaboration with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Who this course is for?

This programme is designed for anyone looking to develop their end-to-end digital learning skills. Our current students include:

  • Corporate learning professionals.
  • Learning and development consultants.
  • Teachers
  • Instructional designers.
  • eLearning developers.
  • Higher education professionals.
  • Further education professionals.
  • Anyone looking to start a career in digital learning.

Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design

Online, Cohort Based

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1 Dec 2023

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Online, On Demand

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Course price

On Demand Enrol Now Payment Plan Download Brochure

Course Curriculum

We’ve put together a university credit-rated instructional design course that covers everything you need to know to become a certified Digital Learning Professional. The curriculum now includes a new Module on AI for Learning.

There are two options for taking the course: Cohort based learning over 22 weeks or On-Demand over 12 months.

Build skills
and knowledge

to see the full syllabus download
the brochure here

Module 1

Digital Learning Fundamentals

The options, roles and process for digital learning design.

Module 2

Design Principles

The core theory and principles underpinning the instructional design, visual design and universal design of digital learning experiences.

Module 3

Analysis and Definition

Mapping out an end to end digital learning experience and work seamlessly with your Subject Matter Experts.

Module 4

Multimedia eLearning Design

Step by step process for designing and building multimedia eLearning courses.

Module 5

Virtual Classroom Design

Step by step process for designing and delivering an interactive virtual classroom.

Module 6

Video Based Learning

Step by step process for designing and creating videos for learning including instructional videos, animated videos and interactive videos.

Module 7

Micro Learning & Podcasts

Step by step process for designing and building learning aids and podcasts.

Module 8

Social & Immersive Learning Design

Step by step process for designing and building both social and immersive learning experiences.

Module 9

Rollout & the LMS

Implementing your digital learning experience and the role of the Learning Management System.

Module 10

Evaluation & Learning Analytics

Utilise learning analytics to profile your learners and make informed design decisions.

Module 11

AI Driven Learning [New]

Practice the latest AI tools and techniques to support learning delivery.

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What our students have to say

Even though you may have that knowledge, you might not have the qualification behind you, so I was feeling imposter syndrome. DLI definitely helped me progress in my journey within digital learning.

Alan O'Flaherty

Alan O’Flaherty

Support and Content Manager at EazySAFE Read Alan O’Flaherty’s story

I started off not knowing what digital learning was, so if I didn’t do this course, it wouldn’t have opened up this whole new world for me. I wasn’t a very confident person and always kept my ideas to myself, but once I got into this area, I was able to develop in a different place more in line with my interests.

Emily McAuley

Emily McAuley

Digital Learning Business Executive at Meritec Read Emily McAuley’s story

I got a promotion just around Christmas time. And yes, I have my experience, but I’m certain it was also because I had the Certificate to back me up.

Sallie Melton

Sallie Melton

Educator at East Riding Council Read Sallie Melton’s story

I’ve gone from being a novice in the L&D field, to now where I am able to have conversations with the more experienced team members, challenge ideas, and bring new ideas to the table and how do we move from standard eLearning to microlearning, video content. That future thinking has all come from me joining the diploma programme.

Aaron Willoughby

Aaron Willoughby

Digital Learning Specialist at KFC Read Aaron Willoughby’s story

Your learning experience

Self-paced learning resources

Self-paced learning resources

Explore the interactive course content on our learning platform in your own time, at your own pace.

Self-paced learning resources

Instructional design toolkit

Discover a range of instructional design and technology templates/design aids to help you screenplan, storyboard, develop and rollout your own eLearning content.

Self-paced learning resources

One-to-one mentoring

Live, one-to-one mentoring with our digital learning mentors to support your growth in the world of digital learning.

Self-paced learning resources

Build your project portfolio

Start applying your learning practically with a live, practical digital learning project and build a portfolio that you can showcase.

Self-paced learning resources

Student community

Share, reflect and engage with your fellow students during the course through dedicated working groups and our interactive social learning platform.

Self-paced learning resources

Live virtual classrooms

Join the live virtual classrooms with other students to discuss the content, ask questions and take on challenges.

Do you want read more reviews and student testimonials?

Our students love learning with us

Participants in our courses don’t just learn new skills, they enjoy the experience too.

Alan O Flaherty Stars rating
I completed the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design and can’t speak highly enough about the team at DLI. The amount of detail in the course along with the personal support offered throughout the programme could not be faulted. It truly is a masterclass in how to run an engaging online experience. The toolkit and personal mentoring alone are worth the fee.
Sallie Melton Stars rating
A positive experience from start to finish. The team are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and above all supportive. The course I completed was perfect for my needs. I have experience of digital learning but no formal qualification, which I now have thanks to DLI. The certificate course was pretty comprehensive, although I’m experienced, it helped fill in many gaps in my knowledge and consolidated what I already know. My confidence has developed greatly in the DL field since taking part in the course. Progression is available with the diploma too, which I plan to take part in later in the year.
Paul Rafferty Stars rating
Just completed the Origins-getting started with digita learning design course. Very professional and quite laid back, I was able to watch the videos and complete the assessment/exercises at my own pace. I’m only really getting started with online courses and it was really interesting seeing the things that I’ve been doing right and also where I can improve. I feel much more confident in advising my colleagues and my tutors. Not only that there was also a lot of resources made available which I will absolutely be using
David Hardy Stars rating
I took their Professional Certificate in Learning Instructional Design course. It was was useful and well delivered and would recommend to anyone looking for an introduction to the topic.
Saira Gohar Stars rating
The best course I did for instructional design. Tutors, course materials, virtual classrooms, everything is amazing.
David Cunningham Stars rating
Great organisation with an innovative approach to digital learning. I completed the Advanced Digital Learning Certificate with John and his team so I would be happy to recommend them to anyone interested in developing their skills in this area.

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Frequently asked questions

Schedule a call with an advisor or email us at

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  • Students are admitted on a case-by-case basis after a consultation with one of our Educational Advisors.

    Our students for each course come from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Whilst some have experience in training & development, or even digital learning design, for many people this may be their first time exploring the world of digital learning.

    The main criteria for consideration is your commitment to putting in the study time and attention required to achieve this professional qualification. Our mentors will support and guide you, but you will need to be prepared to set asidetime each week for both study and project work.

    A working knowledge of the English language will also be required to benefit fully from this course. All course content, and live virtual classrooms, are delivered in English.

  • There is two approaches to taking the Diploma.

    • Cohort Based Learning
    • Self-Paced Learning

    Cohort Based Learning

    Cohort Based Learning is a scheduled and structured digital learning experience over a 22-week period. You will start the course at a scheduled time with other students from your cohort. There will be scheduled learning activities, interventions and assessment milestones over the 22 weeks. The content is all available self-paced but is accessed in a timetabled manner. You will have an opportunity to network with your peers and attend live virtual classroom sessions. The option is ideal for people who want to get certified quickly and experience a course with other students.

    Self-Paced Learning

    The self paced options allow you to start the Diploma at any time and complete the course in your own time. There are no scheduled learning activities and interventions. You can set your own timetable for the assessment. You will receive support from a learning mentor to guide you through the process. This option is ideal for people who cannot dedicate 4 hours per week to study and need flexibility to manage their own time.

  • Yes. Throughout the course, you will be supported by one of our mentors –all of whom are experienced digital learning professionals and facilitators. In addition to hosting your virtual classrooms, your mentor will support you through one-to-one sessions, guidance and feedback on your projects.

  • Yes. The work-based project on the course will give you the chance to design & build end-to-end digital learning experiences in multiple formats, which will have the added benefit of building your portfolio that showcases your digital learning design skills and experience.

  • There are no additional/hidden costs – all tools & software used and referenced in the diploma, have free trials available to the students.

  • The UK higher education system is internationally renowned for its excellent standards. Our courses are all credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University, a highly rated UK university. The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design is allocated at 20 units at Level 8 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. For your country, there will be an equivalent award in the relevant educational system.

    For guidance, please review the Certification Equivalents Table.

    US Equivalency:
    The Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design is equivalent to an Associate Degree in terms of level of learning.

    We have had a large number of USA-based students over the previous years. For many of them, our Professional Diploma has been recognised by their employers as a valid and credible qualification on their CV, given that is it is on the UK & European qualification frameworks and is industry approved by a number of global organisations.

  • The certification course addresses the core process, principles and practices of simply instructional design. The certificate focuses on the design of multimedia eLearning courses and is ideal for people who are currently working alongside digital learning professionals and are looking for a solid understanding in the fundamentals.

    The diploma is designed for people who are looking to advance their career as a Digital Learning Professional or directly pivot from one career to the Digital Learning Design Industry. The diploma covers the end-to-end knowledge and skills you will need to design engaging and impactful digital learning experiences.

    While a lot of our students progress from the Cert to the Diploma there is not requirement to complete the Cert first because the Diploma covers everything that is covered in the Cert but it goes more in depth.

  • Yes, we offer payment plans for students who are self fundings. There are 2 options:

    -5 monthly instalments at 420 euro a month (Deposit required)
    -On-Demand Sale – 5 monthly instalments at 330 euro a month (Deposit required)
    -Spread the cost of your course over 12 months by applying for a student loan (UK residents only)

    For more information please email

  • The apps and tools we use change from time to time. Some of the tools we currently use include
    – Padlet and Milanote for brainstorming and whiteboarding
    – Articulate 360 and Elucidat for eAuthoring
    – Zoom for virtual classrooms
    – Screencast-o-Matic for video production and podcasting
    – Canva and Genially for creating visual assets and presenting
    – 7Taps, Miro, Chat GPT and Canva of AI assisted content creation

Your path to a career in Instructional Design