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Drive the digitisation of your company’s Learning and Development teams.

High quality digital learning

Improve the performance of your people. Attract and retain your talent by delivering high-quality, engaging and effective learning programmes.

Empower your learning professionals.

Empower your learning professionals and subject matter experts to take ownership over learning design and delivery by building their confidence and skills in digital learning design.

Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design

Advance the careers of your learning professionals by certifying them as instructional designers and digital learning professionals.

Transition to Digital Learning


Organisations have a skill gap in the workforce
Source: HRD Connect


Organisations have moved to virtual learning
Source: Pabial


Organisations don’t have digital learning skills
Source: Pabial

3 in 4

Organisations struggled to cope with the digital transition
Source: Fosway

Our Business Solutions

Individual Training and Certification

Enroll individuals in your department on our digital learning diploma program to ensure your team members are equipped with the skills needed to excel.

Departmental Training

Our team of digital learning specialists will collaborate with your learning and development teams to run customized training with our education specialists so your whole department is working from the same level of expertise.

Custom Module Access

Maybe your department needs supplemental learning to an otherwise robust department. We can provide your company with custom access to specific modules and toolkits to advance your department.

Custom Offerings

We’ll work together to build the perfect learning module for individuals or whole teams.

Contact an Education Consultant

Request a Masterclass with our Digital Learning Team

Request a 60-minute masterclass for your organization or department delivered by CEO and Digital Learning Institute Founder, John Kilroy. In these free masterclasses, John will work with your team to uncover what your organizations next steps can be to build a strong and productive in-house digital learning team. Learn more about the masterclass opportunity in this video.

Request a Masterclass

Discover our free resources available to you and your organisation

Our Corporate Partner Learning Experience

Self-paced learning resources


Certify your team as digital learning professional with our flexible qualification pathways & digital badges

Self-paced learning resources


Our courses are validated by the world’s leading companies.

Self-paced learning resources

Accessible Content

Ongoing and custom access for your team on cutting edge content and course with digital badges.

Self-paced learning resources

Mentoring Support

Avail of one-to-one mentoring support from our digital learning specialists to uplift your whole team.

Self-paced learning resources

Access our Community

Network with our global community of digital learning professionals, ongoing CPD, webinars, and exclusive content.

Self-paced learning resources

Practice with our Toolkits

Support your design process and get hands-on practice with our instructional design toolkits.

What our students have to say

Even though you may have that knowledge, you might not have the qualification behind you, so I was feeling imposter syndrome. DLI definitely helped me progress in my journey within digital learning.

Alan O'Flaherty

Alan O’Flaherty

Support and Content Manager at EazySAFE Read Alan O’Flaherty’s story

I started off not knowing what digital learning was, so if I didn’t do this course, it wouldn’t have opened up this whole new world for me. I wasn’t a very confident person and always kept my ideas to myself, but once I got into this area, I was able to develop in a different place more in line with my interests.

Emily McAuley

Emily McAuley

Digital Learning Business Executive at Meritec Read Emily McAuley’s story

I got a promotion just around Christmas time. And yes, I have my experience, but I’m certain it was also because I had the Certificate to back me up.

Sallie Melton

Sallie Melton

Educator at East Riding Council Read Sallie Melton’s story

I’ve gone from being a novice in the L&D field, to now where I am able to have conversations with the more experienced team members, challenge ideas, and bring new ideas to the table and how do we move from standard eLearning to microlearning, video content. That future thinking has all come from me joining the diploma programme.

Aaron Willoughby

Aaron Willoughby

Digital Learning Specialist at KFC Read Aaron Willoughby’s story

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