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Webinar: Transforming Education with Immersive Learning

16 January

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Webinar: Transforming Education with Immersive Learning

Our recent webinar, spearheaded by Majid Al-Kader, Co-Founder of Metaverse Learning and Rob Wraith Head of Learning Technology and Digital Learning at NCG, offered an enlightening view into the world of immersive learning technologies. This session was not just a theoretical discussion but a practical exploration of how these technologies are being implemented and the impact they are creating.

Immersive Learning: A New Educational Frontier

Majid dived into the specifics of immersive learning technologies. He showcased various real-life applications in sectors such as healthcare and engineering, demonstrating the practicality and versatility of these technologies. His presentation was enriched with examples and videos, providing a clear picture of how virtual and augmented reality are revolutionising learning experiences.

Below are some examples of the environments Majid showcased.

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Technological Innovations and Challenges

Innovations in VR and AR applications are reshaping educational methodologies. However, integrating these technologies comes with challenges. The webinar did an excellent job of addressing these, offering solutions and best practices from industry leaders.

A Journey Through Technology in Education

Rob Wraith, the Head of Learning Technology and Digital Learning at NCG. With a robust 15 years in the education sector, Rob started as a part-time lecturer in PC Maintenance and Computing. His journey reflects the fascinating evolution of technology in education over these years.

Rob added a new dimension to the discussion, he shared practical insights from the perspective of an educational institution, illustrating how these technologies are being integrated into curricula and the benefits they bring. His talk highlighted student engagement, the improvement of learning outcomes, and the possibilities of virtual learning environments.

The Role of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Learning

A key focus for Rob and his team has been exploring the potential of virtual and augmented reality. NCG has initiated various projects, partnering with experts to understand how these technologies can revolutionise teaching and learning. The use of metaverse resources, although still in focused areas, is beginning to show how it can enhance the educational process.

Enhancing Student Experience and Accessibility

One of the core reasons for NCG's shift towards the Metaverse is the value it offers to students. Rob highlights the importance of virtual environments in education, seeing them as a stepping stone to integrating more technology in learning. He acknowledges the vital role of accessibility, ensuring that students can engage with these virtual environments on various devices like PCs, laptops, and mobiles.

Practical Applications and Real-World Scenarios

Rob shares an example of how virtual environments enable students to perform practical demonstrations, like on a construction site, in a safe and controlled setting. This flexibility allows students to repeatedly engage with the material, enhancing their understanding and confidence before practical tests.

Integrating Technology: The SharePoint and Teams Approach

An exciting development at NCG is the creation of a SharePoint site integrated with Microsoft Teams. This platform is not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly accessible, providing students with links to various resources. It’s a step towards a unified digital strategy, aiming to upskill staff and boost their confidence in using technology for teaching and learning.


This webinar was not just informative but also a catalyst for thought-provoking discussions on the future of education. As immersive learning continues to evolve, it’s clear that its integration into mainstream education will significantly shape the learning experiences of future generations.

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