Subscribers Only: Long-Term Memory for Digital Learning

Subscribers Only

30 April

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Long-Term Memory for Digital Learning

Led by our expert, Dr. María Guijarro Sanz, this course will take you on an enlightening journey through the fascinating world of long-term memory. You'll gain an understanding of the science around long-term memory and apply it to your digital learning experiences.

Section 1 will explore the fundamental concepts of long-term memory, including some core definitions, memory maps, and long-term memory functions. This foundational knowledge will prepare you for a more in-depth exploration of the subject.

Section 2 delves into the brain structures and systems involved in long-term memory, including explicit and implicit memory.

In Section 3, we'll review how memories are organised and activated within long-term memory, including how to trigger previous knowledge, activate knowledge associations and encourage learning by thinking.

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