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Student Project: Gwen Chuleeporn Theppitak

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Student Project: Gwen Chuleeporn Theppitak

We are proud to present Gwen's exceptional project. As an experienced learning designer, Gwen took our course to enhance her skills further. Her work exemplifies the growth and proficiency she achieved, showcasing her readiness to advance in her career with newfound expertise.

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"As a 10-year experienced L&D professional with a background in instructional design, the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design
 at the Digital Learning Institute was transformative. It allowed me to revisit the ADDIE and SAM model in a highly structured way and exposed me to essential tools for designing eLearning content and collaborating effectively with SMEs. The course also enhanced my project management skills, helping me work more efficiently.

One standout benefit was the opportunity to work on a real project, creating an eLearning prototype on a topic of my interest. This project, along with my thought process and workflow, was published in my portfolio as a featured project. It effectively showcased my work process as an eLearning developer, making my portfolio more compelling and helping me secure a job.

Overall, this course has significantly elevated my professional capabilities, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their expertise and career opportunities in eLearning and instructional design."

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