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Student Project: Niamh Harnett

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Student Project: Niamh Harnett

We're thrilled to showcase the work of Niamh Harnett whose portfolio project exemplifies the power of learning in action. Through our comprehensive course, Niamh has mastered a robust set of skills and expanded her professional vocabulary, empowering her to navigate her new career path with confidence.

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“Studying with the Digital Learning Institute was a very positive experience. I could study at my own pace and according to my schedule, but also felt part of a community and well looked after. I really felt the DLI team had a genuine commitment to helping me. The course offers a well-rounded knowledge base and a really broad range of skills with plenty of real-world applications and case-study examples. The final project was a great opportunity to apply what I'd learned and was a valuable addition to my new portfolio. All in all, I would say the course helped me step into a new career with confidence”

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