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Student Project: Olga Muranova

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Student Project: Olga Muranova

We are excited to present the work of Olga Muranova, whose portfolio project highlights the transformative impact of hands-on learning. Through our comprehensive course, Olga has acquired a diverse skill set and broadened her professional language, enabling her to confidently embark on her new career journey.

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“Throughout the Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design, we were provided with lots of interesting opportunities to continue to learn some highly useful and practical techniques of planning, building, and delivering impactful instructional learning experiences online. Guided by expert tutors, we had many "highly creative stimuli" to explore end-to-end instructional design as well as to delve into immersive learning and to harness the power of AI. It's also nice to realize that being on board this detailed virtual tour around the super-diverse and highly practical world of instructional design and e-Learning development included highly creative and mega-immersive work on creating a digital learning project. This allowed us to give a good boost to our professional portfolios while gaining a university credit-rated certification that is recognized and endorsed by industry leaders.”

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