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Student Story: Ben Dadds

24 January

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Student Story: Ben Dadds

Career Journey and Transition

About Ben and his Career

My career has been diverse and interesting. I began with a focus on chemistry, followed by a PhD, and then a position in industry developing security inks. My career took a turn when I started providing scientific advice to emergency responders, where I found myself intrigued by training materials. Although it wasn't a primary interest for others, I was drawn to it. I realised that my favourite aspect of my work was the learning process itself.

This realization led me to explore new opportunities. I spoke with professionals in the industry who recognised that my skills and interests aligned well with those needed in learning design and instructional design. This discussion steered me towards a career in learning development. I embarked on a short-term contract with a digital learning company in the pharmaceutical sector. However, at the end of this contract, I felt the need for deeper insights into digital learning and development, which led me to the Digital Learning Institute.

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Course Experience

Motivation for the Course

The end of my contract and a gap in my employment prompted me to seek something to give me an edge in my career. I realized that short-term contracts weren't enough to gain the experience I sought, and I couldn't rely on companies to provide extensive learning opportunities.

Experience of Completing the Diploma

Completing the diploma in less than four weeks was a challenge, but being between jobs, I could dedicate myself fully to the course. The workload was engaging and well-structured, allowing me to complete all modules and exams in a short period. The support from the course director, Eva, through video feedback was particularly helpful.

Choosing the Digital Learning Institute

I chose the Digital Learning Institute after hearing recommendations about their professional diploma in digital learning design. It seemed thorough and well-regarded, promising a good return on my time and investment, which was confirmed when it directly led to a job opportunity.

Most Valuable Area of the Course

The initial part of the course, focusing on digital learning fundamentals, analysis, and design principles, was extremely valuable. It provided a structured and clear understanding of aspects I wasn’t getting in my jobs, bringing coherence to my learning.

Impact on Career in the Next 12 Months

The course has already positively impacted my career prospects. I have secured a contract with a renowned company as a learning experience designer, a role that excites me and aligns perfectly with my newfound focus.


I highly recommend this course. It helped me transition from merely claiming to have certain skills to being able to demonstrate them effectively, a change that proved crucial in my interviews and subsequent career advancement.