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Student Story: Jacinta Treanor

05 January

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Student Story: Jacinta Treanor

Career Journey and Transition

I have a background in aviation, having worked in the industry for 12 years. My love for aviation led me to explore the learning and development department, where I discovered a passion for training. After years of enjoying the aviation sector, I took the bold step to focus on training full-time. My experiences around the world greatly influenced this decision. However, the onset of COVID-19 led to a career pause, prompting me to return to Ireland and reassess my skills, particularly my affection for training and learning development.

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Challenges and Growth

The biggest challenge I faced was keeping training innovative and engaging for learners. I experimented with blended learning approaches and sought to balance practical classroom experience with online learning, considering factors like return on investment and stakeholder engagement. Though experienced, I lacked formal qualifications in training. Pursuing a 'train the trainer' qualification opened my eyes to the depth of the field, fuelling my passion further. This led me to attain higher qualifications and secure a role in designing training programs.

Decision to Pursue the Diploma

My decision to enroll in the Digital Learning Institute's Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design was influenced by recommendations from my network, including a cousin who had completed the course. The personal and relatable approach of the institute, evident from their online presence, solidified my choice.

Impact of the Digital Learning Design Diploma

Completing the diploma has been transformative. It enhanced my understanding of learning management systems, allowing me to implement one effectively. The diploma also boosted my confidence, enabling me to engage knowledgeably with software and platform providers.

Since graduating in March 2023, the diploma has already begun to positively impact my career. It has increased my confidence and maintained my connection with a supportive alumni community. I anticipate this will significantly enhance my credibility and professional development over the next year.

Value Derived from the Course

The most valuable aspect of the course for me was the toolkits provided. These practical resources, coupled with examples of previous work, were instrumental in my learning process. While challenging, the support offered by the Digital Learning Institute, including clinics and virtual classrooms, was invaluable. The active student forum and the tutors' dedication also helped balance the workload and stress.


I wholeheartedly recommend this course. The ongoing support, practical toolkits, and the overall community spirit make it an invaluable experience for anyone in learning and development.