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Webinar: Present and Future Dynamics of Online Learning Experiences

14 May

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Webinar: Present and Future Dynamics of Online Learning Experiences
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What to expect:

  • Changing products: see how online courses are evolving 

  • Tech implications: consider the impact of advancement’s on online learning experiences 

  • Experience design: explore how online learning design approaches might need to change

About the speaker:

Neil Mosley is an analyst and consultant specialising in online distance learning, digital education, education technology and learning design. He has years of experience working at the intersection of strategy, design, learning and technology in higher education.

He advises and provides online education consultancy services to a range of clients including higher education institutions, online and edtech companies, training and skills providers and arts & cultural organisations.

He regularly speaks at national & international conferences and webinars, and is a respected writer and commentator.

Growth and Expansion of Online Education

Online education is expanding rapidly worldwide. In the UK, over 400,000 students were enrolled in online higher education courses in 2021-2022, making up about 14% of all students. This growth is mirrored globally, with India seeing a 170% increase in online enrollments between 2021 and 2022, and in the US, 53% of higher education students took at least one online course in 2022-2023. Economic benefits, accessibility, and private sector investments are driving this expansion, making education more accessible to diverse student populations

Shift Towards Shorter Learning Modules

There is a growing emphasis on shorter, more flexible learning products. Microcredentials, short courses, and modular learning options are becoming increasingly popular as they cater to the need for upskilling and reskilling in a dynamic job market. These shorter modules are more financially feasible and time-efficient, benefiting both learners and employers. Universities are now offering stackable credentials, allowing students to accumulate smaller qualifications towards a full degree over time, providing greater flexibility and addressing the diverse needs of today’s learners.

Enhancing Online Learning Experiences with AI and Analytics

Improving student experiences in online education is crucial for increasing retention rates. Institutions are leveraging learning analytics to monitor progress and identify at-risk students. AI tools, such as conversational AI and personaliSed learning analytics, are becoming more common, helping to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, third-party support services and continuous human support models are being adopted to provide 24/7 assistance and ensure students have consistent support throughout their studies. AI's potential in enhancing quizzing tools, improving accessibility, and supporting curriculum development is vast, though its integration is likely to be incremental.

Watch the complete recording below to discover more about the present and future dynamics of online learning.

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