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Student Story: Ange N’Zounzou

28 June

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Student Story: Ange N’Zounzou

As a learning solutions project specialist in the training design and delivery team of a global organisation, my role is to provide internal learning solutions at all level of the business and across all divisions. I work in various learning solutions projects such as providing learning advisory for integrated and innovative solutions, designing digital learning content and facilitating virtual learning events.

Before completing the Professional Cert, my experience with e-learning was limited so I was keen to complete a course where I could learn the fundamentals and apply the best practices. 

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The Instructional Design Certificate course offers a perfect blend of theory and application of best practices. In the space of a few days attending the sessions, I was able to have a clear methodology and significantly upskilled in knowing how to design e-learning and develop content using Articulate 360. I truly enjoyed attending the training delivered by John and Stefan who made the sessions really engaging and interactive. The course gave me a solid foundation which I continue to build thanks to the great materials and resources provided by the Digital Learning Institute.

Ever since I completed the course, I feel more confident when working on digital content and e-learning design. I am now able to identify what “good” looks like and therefore provide guidance on improving e-learning to provide learners with the best digital experience. The accreditation also made a significant difference in my career. Thanks to the diploma, my skills are now recognized and I can be seen as a key internal partner for e-learning design and development.

I strongly recommend the Professional Cert to anyone willing to start their journey in this field and gain more visibility in their L&D career.