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Student Story: Gillian Driver

28 June

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Student Story: Gillian Driver

My name is Gillian Driver and I am a Learning Designer with Central Solutions Ltd. 

We partner with organisations to create and deliver accredited work-based training programmes mainly in Lean Six Sigma, Water Stewardship, Climate Action and Sustainability as well as Management and Leadership.

My role involves working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to design and develop bespoke blended and online programmes with an experiential and practise based approach to learning and developing work-based skills. 

Previous to my current role, I worked as a Career Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with experience in Career Development, Personal Effectiveness, Team Working, Communication, as well as Change programmes.

Back in around 2014, I got my initial experience of delivering training online through live webinars and an LMS. Although it was a “diving into the deep-end” moment for me, I was amazed at how digital and online technologies added so many benefits to delivering workplace training.

Keen to upskill in this area, I signed up for the Professional Cert with the Digital Learning Institute around this time. 

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This course gave me a great starting point to develop eLearning design and development skills and processes. It was a very hands-on course where I worked in a group to develop a storyboard and screen plans for an online course using Articulate Storyline. I enjoyed this course so much, that it prompted me to pursue an MA in eLearning Design and Development with CIT. This study led me to my current role as a Learning Designer.

In 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic required our team to adapt our programmes to become fully online. Knowing how fast digital learning is evolving, I was keen to refresh my knowledge and get up to speed on the latest thinking in digital learning techniques and technologies. In Jan 2021, I signed up for the Advance Programme with the Digital Learning Institute (formerly Flex Labs).

I got a great experience on this course as an online learner, including studying curated content, experiencing peer and social learning, taking part in live facilitated learning sessions and completing project work. I got to sharpen my skills in Visual Design, Video Production and Gamification and apply these skills during my course project.

John and the team at DLI (formerly Flex Labs) were brilliant support on both courses and I have gained so much from their expertise. Everything I have learned from them, I feel I can apply to my own role back at work.