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Student Story: Julie Hill

21 July

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Student Story: Julie Hill

My name is Julie Hill and I am currently a freelance Learning Specialist.  I work with companies to provide bespoke and off the shelf training courses ranging from traditional face to face courses to blended and digital training programmes.  I also specialise in and act as a Subject Matter Expert in mental health, wellbeing, resilience and emotional intelligence and train and support managers to support staff in these areas and am currently delivering courses through virtual classes.

Previous, to working on a freelance basis I have worked in mental health services, in management roles, learning and development and Human Resources and more recently as a Digital Lead within a cancer charity.

Before completing the Professional Certificate course, a few years back, I had limited experience in digital learning.  The course covered the theory of designing effective eLearning courses but also provided the very practical experience of developing a storyboard and screen plans for an online course using Articulate Storyline. The course gave me the knowledge and tools to go on design and develop eLearning courses in a role I was in at that time.

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I’ve recently completed the Certificate in Digital Learning Design which has been very timely. With the impact of Covid, I have seen the world of learning changing and adapting rapidly to meet very different needs and I’ve been impressed with how effective the use of different ways of delivering learning through digital format can really meet learner needs. 

The online course involved completing curated content, taking part in facilitated learning sessions, learning from the other participants and hearing from the experts in their fields and practical application of what I’d learnt through a project.

I got a great experience on this course as an online learner, including studying curated content, experiencing peer and social learning, taking part in live facilitated learning sessions and completing project work. By completing the advanced course, I have greatly expanded my knowledge and skills from eLearning to much wider in terms of developing and designing digital learning resources.  For me, the big takeaways and skills I’ve developed are in learning design principles and videos from designing, scripting through to production and I have already started using these with the companies I work with.

Following on from the course I’ve been able to access further free Digital Learning Insitute (formerly Flex Labs) webinars which have included hearing from experts who have been there and done it, through to very practical courses for example on Articulate Storyline.

John and the team at DLI (formerly Flexlabs) were excellent in ensuring the content really added to my learning and most importantly for me, I am able to use what I’ve learnt in my daily work.