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Student Story: Maria Jorquiera

18 October

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Student Story: Maria Jorquiera

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and the focus of your team?

I’m originally from Peru but have resided in the Netherlands for the past 23 years, primarily working in the banking sector. In 2018, I joined ING’s Risk Academy as a Senior Learning Consultant. My primary responsibilities encompassed managing global projects to address the learning requirements of risk professionals.

My role spanned everything from assessing employee needs, designing and developing training, to managing our portfolio of courses at the Risk Academy. Additionally, I oversaw the transition of our course catalog to MyLearning, an LXP. Essentially, I was in charge of the portfolios, ensuring not only the quality and relevance of courses but also their accessibility to bank employees.

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What challenges did your team face regarding digital learning at the Risk Academy?

Our team was diverse in terms of background. Many of us, including myself, hailed from traditional settings where digital learning and development were novel. We were accustomed to in-person training and because we had different professional experiences, our approaches varied greatly. However, each of us brought unique strengths.

How has the program benefitted the team? Which areas have seen significant improvement?

The program’s impact was clear. It introduced consistency, enabling us all to recognise and validate contemporary learning standards. While the core principles remained, the shift to digital learning presented nuances. The program illuminated these nuances, offering fresh perspectives on digital strategies.

How did the program benefit you personally, beyond the team?

For someone who appreciates the broader picture and values structure, the program introduced me to various concepts and frameworks I continually utilise. It provided a structured approach, guiding me from the “who” to the “what”, “why”, and “how”. This sequence has proven invaluable.

Can you describe your experience with the Digital Learning Institute, both personally and as a team?

Our experience was overwhelmingly positive. We were fortunate to liaise with Eva, who was consistently helpful, providing clarity and insights even beyond the course’s scope.

Why did you opt for our course and the Digital Learning Institute?

The Digital Learning Institute was an attractive choice for its convenience and comprehensive program. Beyond offering specific training modules, it presented a holistic view of digital learning. It’s a testament to the course’s effectiveness that we recommended it within ING, advocating for its broader adoption.

Would you recommend this course to other L&D managers or those in similar roles?

Absolutely. The course is particularly beneficial for diverse teams like ours at ING. It standardises learning processes and is flexible in accommodating busy schedules, making it ideal for large companies with varied learning teams.

Looking back, my only wish is that I had discovered the Digital Learning Institute sooner!