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Student Story: Nathalie Macq

28 June

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Student Story: Nathalie Macq

I currently work in a language and intercultural training organisation in France as a training coordinator. I conduct a training needs analysis for each trainee prior to commencement in order to find the most suitable learning content, tools and trainer for the person. I follow up then on the training that can be individual or group face to face training, distance learning through Skype/Zoom/Teams etc.,eLearning courses, workshops and immersions. We create personalised training programs to match the specific needs of everyone.  

Prior to this, I worked in Ireland for two years in a pharmaceutical company where I had my first experience with eLearning. I had completed eLearning modules in the past in other companies or for personal purposes, but I had never before seen the “backstage” of it. The company where I worked was already using a few homemade eLearning modules and wanted to develop more of them through Articulate Storyline in addition to launching a new LMS for the 500 employees onsite. At first, I found this difficult because I was unaware of LMS and had never created any eLearning material, furthermore the average age of the employees was around 45 years old (so it had to be easy to use!). That’s where the Digital Learning Institute courses helped!   

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I completed the Instructional Design Certificate course at the beginning of my e-learning journey and I have to admit it helped me tremendously.

I learnt about the different learner types, the three main learning theories, the blooms taxonomy and much more theoretical ground knowledge that are needed to start in this field. We actually went through the whole process from instructional design, development, assessment and evaluation.

The Digital Learning Institute team (formerly Flex Labs) used real case scenarios, role plays, brainstorming and many other interactive activities. I also got to know more about learning management systems, eLearning software, interactive platforms for games and quizzes, new technologies, best practices etc. Attending this course with other participants also helped me to realise that I wasn’t the only one struggling, everyone was very supportive of each other. 

The course was very complete and I felt much more confident and knowledgeable in my work after attending it. Thanks to them I managed to create interactive and user-friendly eLearning content for everyone in my company! I valued my experience with the Digital Learning Institute so much that I attended a few months later the Advanced Digital Learning Design Course which came in the perfect addition to the Professional Cert.   

Thank you so much to John, Stefan and Luana with whom I interacted the most and to the rest of the team for their amazing work. I highly recommend Digital Learning Institute (formerly Flex Labs) for any of your digital learning projects.