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Student Story: Panagiota Tzanni

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Student Story: Panagiota Tzanni

Career Journey and Transition

Originally from Greece, I now live and work in China as a course designer and lecturer at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, specializing in English for academic purposes. Teaching here is rewarding, especially since Chinese students are incredibly disciplined, dedicated, and motivated. The respect and trust from my students make every day on the job fulfilling. 

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Challenges and Growth

A couple of years ago, I became a course designer, leading me to design courses with strong online elements due to the pandemic. This trend, moving away from printed textbooks toward everything being hosted online, prompted me to enhance my skills in this evolving educational landscape. 

Decision to Pursue the Diploma

I sought a certificate that would provide practical skills for effective course design. After struggling to find a program that was value for money—being either too expensive or too theoretical—I discovered the Digital Learning Institute. Their certificate promised all the tools I needed at a good price, with a strong syllabus and user-friendly structure, convincing me to choose them for my professional development. 

Impact of the Digital Learning Design Diploma

The diploma from the Digital Learning Institute proved instrumental. It's a prime example of what a structured online course should look like. It blends theory with practical application, offering a clear weekly structure and a variety of online learning materials. This enabled me to immediately apply what I learned to my job, enhancing the courses I design at the university. 

Value Derived from the Course

The course was valuable not just for the learning experience but also for the opportunity to design a new pre-masters course using new applications. It has become a unique selling point for me within my institution, impacting my students' performance and providing significant enhancements to my CV and career opportunities within the university. 


I would advise anyone considering this diploma to go for it without hesitation. The practical skills, the ability to design your own portfolio, and the access to a supportive community make it an invaluable investment for anyone in the field of instructional design, especially post-pandemic when the demand for such skills has surged globally.