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Student Story: Ruth Huxford

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Student Story: Ruth Huxford

Career Journey and Transition

For the past 12 years, Ruth Huxford dedicated herself to teaching Spanish and French as a secondary modern foreign language teacher. She also held a middle leadership role, where she was second in the department and drove significant innovation in technology and course design. 

Transition from Teaching to Digital Learning Design like Ruth with our Professional Diploma

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Decision to Pursue the Diploma

Ruth's motivation to pursue the Professional Diploma at the Digital Learning Institute stemmed from her passion for course design and the need to demonstrate her capabilities beyond teaching teenagers. The diploma offered a way to build a portfolio and transition into the digital learning industry, focusing on designing engaging learning experiences

Impact of the Digital Learning Design Diploma

The diploma had a monumental impact on Ruth's professional life, leading her to her dream job. She now designs learning experiences for a global student cohort of 7.5 thousand, working with a team at the forefront of AI and VR innovations in education. The skills she acquired through the diploma were crucial in securing this position. 

Value Derived from the Course

Ruth found the course challenging but rewarding, with a fast-paced and thoughtfully designed structure. It provided extensive 1:1 feedback and support, which was invaluable. The course's projects allowed her to highlight her skills to potential employers, ultimately helping her build a portfolio that showcased her capabilities effectively. 


Ruth would absolutely recommend the Digital Learning Institute to others. She emphasises the importance of undertaking the course when one can fully commit to it, as this will improve outcomes and help build a robust portfolio. She highlights the necessity of passion and capacity to fully engage with the diploma to truly benefit from it.