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Student Story: Nick Skehan

19 July

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Student Story: Nick Skehan

After a long stint as a graphic designer and part-time outdoor education instructor, I started my training and development career when I career jumped into IT after a stint as a mature student in college.

Having worked the floor as an IT Systems Engineer in CBE, one of the leading retail technology companies in Europe, I was given the opportunity to join their ever-expanding training department, which I jumped at. Having had experience teaching in the wilds of the West of Ireland coupled with my experience in graphics, I felt this would be a good fit for both me and CBE. 

As the company grew, so did the requirement for more online learning and more quality online learning. As a highly innovative technology company, CBE was an early adopter of e-learning and already had a scaffolding to build on.

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I attended the Professional Certificate course, and I found this incredibly beneficial, giving me the background knowledge to plan, develop, and implement e-learning. The focus on different applications, creating more engaged and interactive courses was a game-changer. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate has saved me tons of time in development and tons of time getting courses approved and rolled out.

Following the essential course, I progressed to the Advanced course, building on what I had learnt before, and we further explored how different people learn and consume content. After this course, we focused on microlearning for large cohorts of the business, we implemented a new LMS tracking system, and now all training is tracked through this single portal.

With the help from the Digital Learning Institute (formerly FlexLab) team and all the super guest speakers they brought in for the course giving us insights, tips, and tricks, we now have a fully integrated learning and development culture in CBE. I would highly recommend the course. Thanks to John and Stephan, both enthusiastic and knowledgeable in the field, they make the course what every course should be, enjoyable, interactive, and a great learning experience.